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Travel program - what is there to do in Dresden and the surrounding areas?

We have compiled a few program tips here, which we as the Hotel NOVALIS deem to be especially recommendable. Whether you're traveling as a family with children, alone, as a couple or with friends, you will surely be able to find the proper holiday program for yourself. Groups of more than 15 people can obtain information about our excursion tips and offers for tour groups.

Do you want more suggestions and tips? Then simply state your request at the reception desk . We will gladly help you with the Angebot of your Dresden program. If you want to visit the Opera or the theater, we are able to reserve you the tickets in advance. We will also gladly recommend the best restaurants and Cafés of the city to you, or give you tips on which city tours you shouldn't miss.

For families with children:


Indoor playground "Remmi Demmi"


Climbing, playing and romping around on Saxony's largest indoor playground. On 2,500 m² the little ones will surely be provided with quite a lot of fun and action. www.remmi-demmi-kinderland.de


The Museum of transportation in the Johanneum


Hardly a technical achievement has changed and shaped people's lives like the invention of the steam engines and internal combustion engine. Since the first use of this means of propulsion in the 19th century, railways and automotives have started their triumphant advance around the world, which we can't even imagine anymore without modern means of transportation. The Transport Museum in the Johanneum in Dresden is dedicated to conveying the detailed history of mobility from its origins to our present, and thereby highlights all modes of transportation with original exhibits. The highlight for the kids: A helicopter simulator that allows curious visitors to become a helicopter pilot, and to experience the perfect illusion of a real flight.

Opening times, prices and information:




Is there anyone who hasn't heard of them? The clever children's book characters by Erich Kästner: Emil, Louise and Lotte, the guys from the "Flying classroom", Pünktchen and Anton. For families, but also for the young at heart, Erich-Kästner-Museum in Dresden a must. In permanent and temporary exhibitions the museum is devoted to the life and work of the exceptional writer from Dresden.


When the sun shines: Dresden Zoo


Covering around 13 hectares, the Dresden Zoo is home to more than 2,000 animals and over 300 species. The exotic Brown Woolly Monkey, the Prevost's Squirrels, Karakals, or Goldtakins can be seen in addition to the lions, tigers, elephants & co. A special attraction are the community compounds where different animals live together, for example, the South American compound or the giraffe and zebra compound. You can participate in general or thematic Zoo tours, which are specially tailored to children. There are many playgrounds for romping, climbing and to "burn off excess energy". By the way: The Dresden Zoo was founded in 1861 and is one of the four oldest animal parks in Germany. After the destruction of Dresden which also affected the Zoo, the reopening already occurred in 1946. Since then a continued expansion of habitats and enclosures was performed. In recent years, the Zoo was expanded with the "Africa House", the "Zoo under the Earth" and the tundra habitat. For more information on opening times and admission prices, please visit: www.zoo-dresden.de


Park railway in the big garden


Combine your Zoo visit with a ride on the Liliputbahn (Lilliputian railway) in the big garden. Get on board at the "Train Station Zoo" and enjoy the tour, where you'll pass by Carola Lake, the Palace and sculptures, and travel through meadows and woods of the extensive Park. Since 1950 the little train which carries about 250,000 passengers every year, has been a fixed attraction of the big garden. The special characteristic: The railway operation is almost exclusively conducted by children and teenagers. They are active as supervisory staff, conductors, dispatchers or gatekeepers. For the nostalgic, there is another attraction: on weekends and holidays two historic steam locomotives from 1925 will travel on the rails.

Timetable and information: www.parkeisenbahn-dresden.de

City quiz "Scavenger hunt through Dresden"


A city tour for the whole family where no one will be bored! - This is the city game "(Miss)guided in Dresden", where everyone can explore the city on the Elbe River on their own. There are various routes available to choose from, which run through the different suburban areas. In addition to the Elbe Castles and churches, you can explore the entire historic centre, the new part of town, and also the cities of Radebeul or Meißen. Some of the tours are carried out on foot or by bicycle, and by train or by bus depending on the type of scavenger hunt. At the beginning of the game, the city researchers will receive a box with eleven sealed and numbered envelopes. These contain information on the attractions and special riddle cards. The quiz questions must be solved on the spot, and the results will always provide a number that indicates the next envelope, which is also the next sightseeing point.
The innovative concept of the city game is especially suitable for families with children. The little ones are integrated into the strategy planning, and can determine the further course of the tour themselves. The start time and duration of the tour can be designed individually and flexibly. Breaks are always possible, and many cafés and restaurants will spark your desire to hang around for a while.

Further details: http://www.stadtspiel-dresden.de/

For art and culture fans:

Semper Opera Dresden

The Saxon State Opera is famous throughout the world for the unique architectural style created by the architect Gottfried Semper. Main topics are the compositions of Richard Wagner and Richard Strauss. The repertoire and schedule are available under www.semperoper.de (external link) Church of our Lady Dresden Heavily bombed during the second world war and rebuilt with great effort, the Church of our Lady is one of the most beautiful buildings that Dresden has to offer. Concerts and tours are regularly conducted in the Church of our Lady. Dates see: www.frauenkirche-dresden.de (external link), Dresden State Operetta The Dresden state operetta is unique in the musical theater scene, since it is the only independent Operetta Theater in Germany, and famous for possessing the most comprehensive Johann Strauss repertoire in the world. In addition to works of the prime-father of the operetta, the schedule includes works such as "The magic flute", "Die Fledermaus", "Fiddler on the roof" and modern compositions as well as musicals. Program available under: www.staatsoperette-dresden.de



The largest private theater in Saxony - as the name already suggests - is committed to the topic of humor. Stars from the German comedy scene give their appearance here, as well as promising newcomers from Dresden. You can find the schedule of the current season under: www.comoedie-dresden.de

Die Herkuleskeule

The cabaret theater "Die Herkuleskeule" was established about 50 years ago, and has proven something very important: humor can even exist in the shadow of the wall, and edit holds the power to bond the East and West in a much stronger manner than can be accomplished through politics. With its programs, the Hercules Club is one of the best cabaret ensembles in Germany. Tickets and schedule: www.herkuleskeule.de